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Tixit is a web-based, extensible project management system that can be shaped to the unique needs of any team. Tixit is now open for early access!

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Easy to learn system and easy to use interface.


Can be shaped to the unique and changing needs of any team with simple custom fields and custom views.


Ever expanding possibilities empower teams through extensions created and shared by the community.

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Setup a project in seconds and take advantage of Tixit's customization features.

Meet The Team

Billy Tetrud
Billy Tetrud
CTO and Co-Founder
Andy Woodruff
Andy Woodruff
Business Co-Founder
Peter Carleton
Peter Carleton
Product Manager
Jim Zucker
Jim Zucker
Matthew Nevin
Matthew Nevin
Head of Community and Growth
Ardi Salam
Ardalan (Ardi) Salam
Web Designer